Chelsea Flower Show London 23 - 27 May

PAN Amsterdam 19 - 26 November

Daan van Doorn                                                                                                                                          has worked for more than thirty years as an artist and has received international recognition for his portraits. In 2011 and 2013 he was selected for the BP Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London . In 2013 he also  exhibited at the TEFAF Fine Art Fair in Maastricht. He had earlier been praised  for his portraits of the former Queen Beatrix and Prime Minister Balkenende of the Netherlands.

Since moving to the Ter Hooge estate in Zeeland. Van Doorn has become more and more inspired by Zeeland's light and its beautiful nature . He has established his own nursery where he grows old flower varieties ,that he displays in historically correct arrangements . His paintings are characterised by his use of the watercolour technique with oil paints, the light backgrounds and the subtle expressionistic brushstrokes . Van Doorn is also a master in the art of omission. By only painting the most striking details, he reduces the painting  to the very essence of the subject .